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Hi, I’m Asif, a 24 year-old microbiologist with a passion for writing. This is my personal blog. Heartfelt thanks for visiting!☘️

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About Me

Hi, I’m Asif. I’m a microbiologist by my resume and a writer by passion. I write mostly short stories and musings for my own pleasure and really enjoy it. I’m an old-school at heart with a modern mind and while I inherently respect old traditions and values, I’m always open to devote my time to learn about the new trends and communities. My enthusiasm to learn has led to me learning five languages (and learning!) and taking up duties outside my comfort zone. Despite being born an introvert, I’ve successfully taught myself to teamwork, lead and communicate in my high school and college levels. I’ve been curious about almost everything and hence have been called “gyaani” by some of my friends. Apart from all of the above, I am a huge admirer of cooking and baking and really love to cook, too!😋

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