The Conflict

It is disturbing.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has now stormed into the compounds of one of the holiest sites of three world religions- The Al-Aqsa mosque.

Stock photo- Al-Aqsa mosque, East-Jerusalem.

The pictures and videos of the raid have been disturbing as they have always been in the class between the two parties since 1946. But this time, seeing the police beat Palestinians who are praying in the mosque has been heart-aching.

What disturbs me more is the way the powers of the world have been quiet through the more than 7 decades. It’s been more than 7 decades! And people are dying in the conflict! The Uno cards seem to be more powerful than the global organisation of the same name.

Many people are pouring in their support towards the Palestinians. Many are even showing support to Israel.

The support towards Palestine is understandable. They have been removed from their homes and have, through the years, had to give up everything of theirs to the Israeli forces. They don’t have money or any legit security force to even stand in front of the highly advanced and well-equipped forces of the occupying Israelis. They deserve your support and prayers. They need it.

On the other hand, you have Israel– the State which has one of the most advanced militaries in the world with all kinds of weapons in their arsenal which are being put to use on the stone-pelting Palestinians. They have the best banking system in the world and thrive with immense businesses and power. Why would they need support from you? Or anyone?

Check the maps of the region through the years. And tell me, who is being oppressed and who needs support? (Source: MSNBC)

The history is open to read for anybody willing to. You’ll even find newspapers dating back to 1946 if you walk into a decent library. So I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m gonna talk about today.

Today, as of 12th May, 2021, 2 people have been killed in Israel by rockets launched by Hamas- the independent militant group of the Gaza strip in response to the raid at Al-Aqsa mosque. The Israeli forces launched an air raid on the Gaza strip in retaliation, and 28 Palestinians (including 8-9 kids) have died. Israel says it’s the militants who have died; The Palestine says civilians died, too.

Among the 2 people killed inside Israel, one was an Indian. And the Israeli embassy in India has talked to comfort the family of the woman in India.

The conflict is clearly an apartheid by the stronger force. The issues are that places of religious importance are being turned into battlegrounds, innocent worshippers are beaten, and the humanitarian crisis doesn’t seem to end. There is no remorse or apologies post innocent-killings of dozens and hundreds by either side. The arrogance of the Israeli Prime Minister is harsh, pathetic and disgusting.

And if you fail to see it and acknowledge it, I feel pity towards your disability to understand.

Speak and Pray for humanity.

Pray for the needy.🙏


Peace. ☘️

Published by Md Asif Raza

A microbiologist who is passionate about writing and cooking. An aesthete, humane and simple individual brought up with old school values. A practicing Indian Muslim and an individual with aspirations to be a philanthropist and a better version of himself. ☘️

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