Familiarity in Love

(picture courtesy: xinhuanet.com)

“Do we really need love?”

“What?” Her eyes reflecting the orange of the setting sun, dilated.

“No, let me rephrase it–
Is it really love that we need?”

Tara’s lips curved to a smile. She admired these philosophies I uttered in the midst of silent, peaceful moments like this. She snuggled into my arm, rested her head on the shoulder and said with a slight chuckle-
“I don’t know, maybe?”

-“You know, a few days ago I was reading this article on what we actually crave in the name of love. To some, it was plainly lust, physical attraction, or crush. The author of the article, however, pointed out another thing-“


-“Familiarity. We feel love around people we feel familiarity with. We love our friends because they share similar interests. We love our partners because their behaviours are familiar to our families. And when they leave, we don’t long love, but long the familiarity they brought to the table.
Anything that isn’t familiar is alien to us. We may feel confused, enraged or curious about it but all of those feelings are distant to the happy, content feeling of love.
Around the end of the article, the author pose the question to define love, and agreed that while it’s something which has been written the most about, it’s still something which can’t be defined. Maybe, love isn’t familiarity, or lust, or physical attraction, or the butterflies in the stomach. Or maybe, it’s all of the above.”

Published by Md Asif Raza

A microbiologist who is passionate about writing and cooking. An aesthete, humane and simple individual brought up with old school values. A practicing Indian Muslim and an individual with aspirations to be a philanthropist and a better version of himself. ☘️

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