Online Classes


All of it is draining me. It’s hectic.

Day in and day out, my energy is wasted on trying to decipher the radio noises called e-classes which last for almost whole of the day.
The ears, the eyes, the brain– all fatigue by the time the night starts.
The heart and the tongue have been confined for so long, they’ve started questioning their existence.
These eyes have almost forgotten how it feels to see lush greenery and the sun setting behind the flowing waters.
These ears seem to be forgetting the voice of individuals sans the digital breaks which slip through the internet.
This torso longs the feeling, the warmth of another human being.

You’d probably listen to a song on the phone, or watch a rom-com, or read a book by the end of a tiring day, pre-pandemic. But today, when your whole day is basically a struggle to be a digital attendance of the virtual world, your body and soul wants to crush the devices around and for atleast an evening, feel like a natural human in midst of nature.

And while everyone is going through it, no two individuals are suffering the same. And even though the mojo is #weAreInThisTogether, in reality, all we have are just ourselves– Our part digitised bodies being fought by the natural soul of the entity that has been a part of the more important and Almighty force– The One.

And you know what the worst part is? -you can’t do anything about it.

Published by Md Asif Raza

A microbiologist who is passionate about writing and cooking. An aesthete, humane and simple individual brought up with old school values. A practicing Indian Muslim and an individual with aspirations to be a philanthropist and a better version of himself. ☘️

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