Careers to Explore post High school

Hello there! If you are a student who has just passed/ shall pass high school soon, and haven’t yet decided on what to do next, this blog might help you.

After school is the time when you are exposed to the world and like everyone else, you are supposed to catch the career and university train.

There are some lucrative fields for study after high school that you can find from the buttons below.

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Career Opportunities for Arts & Humanities Students

The students taking up arts and humanities are often looked down upon as they are considered to be the ones with little to no interest in education. However, there still are careers to choose for students passing out of high school with Arts and Humanities.

Below listed are certain career options that a student with Arts and Humanities in their high school can pursue.

1. Law

Sit for the entrance exam and pursue a BA-LLB. A career in law is lucrative, dignified and well paying in almost every city of the globe.

The degree requires sincere students with good memory, sharp mind, a bit of street smartness, good oratory skills and perseverance.

2. Journalism

Courses like BA English (Hons) and Bachelor’s in Mass communication and Journalism can land you a job in one of the many journalism firms in the country and abroad. While the pay is mediocre to start with, the perks of being a journalist in daily life are many.

The students pursuing journalism should be passionate, hardworking and dedicated. The skills of language fluency, good oratory and debating skills, a good vocabulary, knowledge in political science and general knowledge are desirable to make a successful journalist.

3. Psychology

Oh boy- the course of psychology!

–Interesting, gripping, practical, and novel.

With all the stress and trauma of the world, psychologists and counsellors are in huge demand and thus earn very well in many countries.

Even if mental health is a taboo in your country, the newer generations understand the importance of the well being of the mind and so the industry is set to grow.

A BA in psychology is a starting step in the field. Pursue your choice of branch for further studies post graduation.

4. Hotel Management

A huge global industry with a good lifestyle and pay, Hotel Management is currently in a setback due to the lockdowns, but it shall soon be back to normal and when hotels and cruises would restart the business, graduates with Hotel Management degree would be employed.

While many institutions offer the course as a direct admission, it’s advised to sit for competitive exams like the nchm-jee to get admitted into government aided institutes at a lower fee structure.

5. Designing

Fashion designing, Product designing, Interior designing, Garden Designing, Web Designing– all are amazing opportunities for the creative students looking for careers without the burden of studying thick books.

A major advantage of the above certifications is that you can work from home and still earn in five to six digits a week! Just setup a Insta or FB page of your work and list yourself on the many freelance websites to get clients.

6. Education

The market of Education services is very highly rewarding and fulfilling– morally as well as financially.

The Covid pandemic has boomed the online education industry to 300% in some cases.

Pursuing a degree, you may go for Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed) course. This can be done by securing a seat in the Teacher’s Eligibility Test and you’ll be able to teach in schools.

Tutoring- in physical or online modes doesn’t require certain degrees but knowledge and skill. Of course, it is advised to pursue a graduation degree in any field while you gain experience teaching a bunch of school kids but the subject of study or marks won’t bother if you can churn good scores in your students’ marksheets. One student’s growth would bring in more students into your tutorial classes.

7. Archaeology

If you are interested in history and the idea of finding and holding historical artefacts excites you, this is the career for you to go for!

You can simply google the requirements and enroll into your nearest institute offering the course.

8. Government Exams

Devote your next 3 years to prepare for exams for government jobs while pursuing a graduation in any simple course. Exams like UPSC, SSC, RRB, etc pave way for great job posts in esteemed government offices.

Other mentions-

Geology, political science, Anthropology, Higher studies in a regional language, Cultural studies, sociology.

Career Opportunities for Commerce Students

You’ve heard all your school life that science is better than commerce and that better career opportunities lie in science. You know what? You can have a laugh at them.

Commerce students can apply to the biggest money driving markets of the world- the money market, the banking sector, the e-commerce, the management, the sales, the taxations… And the list goes on!

Here are some great career opportunities for commerce students to pursue-

1. Chartered Accountancy (and Others)

First of all, I do not tend to degrade the worth of the CAs out there by adding them to the “others”. Being a science student, I have immense respect for the CAs and the CMAs.

The CA, the CMA, the CS, the CFA are AMAZING career options to choose if you are capable enough. It takes immense dedication and perseverance to get the certificate, but if you can fulfil the requirements, every penny and second invested is worth gold.

The skills and requirements are not something that needs to be told of to any student who has a commerce background.

2. Banking jobs

Apply for IBPS, Bank PO, Bank Clerk exams and prepare for them. The exam tests the knowledge on banking sector, current affairs, basic mathematics, reasoning, and english.

The competition is huge and the reward is stability.

3. BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration. –The name says it all.

A very lucrative course to apply and gain the practical knowledge of the business and corporate world. You should try to pursue an MBA later to make your paycheck bigger.

4. Corporate Law

A corporate lawyer earns a handsome salary and is associated with a lot of dignity in the corporate world. They are basically the saviours of business firms that are sued.

Of course, like all law studies, this also requires rigour and perseverance, but the fruit is oh-so-sweet!

5. Stock Market

The most entertaining and adrenaline pumping sector in the world of money– the stock market needs passionate people who have skills rather than degrees to work.

Learn about the market and investment strategies. Explore the many courses- free and paid- on various online certification platforms like Coursera, Edx, Udemy, etc. The idea is to learn what you love, gain certificates and apply for the stock broking agencies, investment banking firms, market analysis offices. You may even start a consultancy of your own!

6. The Plethora of B.Com

At the school level, we have an idea that a B.Com degree is just B.Com degree and nothing much can be done with it. Well, it’s a myth.

According to your taste and abilities, there are a number of B.Com specialisations which one can pursue and land a decent job right after graduation!

  • B.Com in Statistics
  • B.Com in Accounting and Taxation
  • B.Com in banking and finance
  • B.Com in Business Administration
  • B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management
  • B.Com in Marketing
  • B.Com in Applied Economics

☘️- All in all, the commerce students have a vast open field of studies to choose from and shape their careers as well as they want.

Career opportunities for Science Students

If you are an Asian, you are probably grass fed to take up science in the school and work on to be an Engineer or Doctor. And you probably don’t know of other options besides the two.

Listed below are some great career choices for students with Science background–

1. Data science and Analysis

This field has just taken birth and is booming. The reason being that every other field of the world is now data driven. From COVID trends to database breaches and various other analysis around the globe– data scientist and analysts are in great demand. Perhaps this is the reason why many esteemed Universities have recently included the course in their campuses– including the IITs in India.

Look forward to applying into the Bachelor of Science and/or Integrated Master’s program in the course.

Basic skills required- mathematics, computer science and basic programming knowledge.

2. Biotechnology

The pandemic has shown the absolute necessity and importance of people who perform research upon the diseases and pathogens and develop vaccines against them. The biotechnologists, microbiologists and virulogists are seeing a surge in their payscale and are earning as well as the engineers in countries like India. More to that, this field is so much in demand (globally) that you can get jobs in almost any country you want to work in.

Apply into the many colleges and universities that provide B.Sc in biotechnology or microbiology. You can also apply for a B.Tech in Biotechnology or simply join a Bachelor’s program in zoology/botany and later switch to a Master’s course in the fields of your choice.

Skills required- strong knowledge in biological sciences and the genome. Students with particular interest in reading science related articles and novels should definitely consider the career.

3. Biochemistry or B. Pharma

While the B.Pharma course makes you a 1st hand eligible candidate for the huge global Pharmaceutical industry, a degree in Biochemistry will place you in labs of all sorts- medicine, pharma, food, sanitization, agro, etc. Of course, a master’s or a PhD is preferred as in most of the science courses, but you can definitely find a job after graduating, if your results are good.

For B.Pharma, you are supposed to sit for the joint entrance examination and then secure a seat. For biochemistry, you may apply into institutions which offer the bachelor’s degree in the subject or simply go for a B.Sc in Chemistry or Organic chemistry and later switch to Master’s program in Biochemistry.

Skills required- good knowledge and grip on Biology, Biomolecules, Chemistry (particularly Organic Chemistry).

4. Architecture

Probably one of the oldest professions in the human civilization, Architecture is often ignored by the super ambitious science prodigies. As the world is struggling to maintain the population and housing issues, and the population is said to grow even more, the need for small but convenient and affordably effective living and working spaces is bound to be in demand. Get yourself a degree in architecture and you can cash the opportunity!

Most colleges and universities tend to take an entrance exam for B.Arch courses. Be on the lookout for them. Certain private institutions with good reputation and results don’t require any examination results apart from the high school passing results.

Skills required- good grip and interest in Mathematics particularly Trigonometry and geometry.

5. B.Sc in Economics

If anyone tells you that Economics is for commerce students, tell them they are wrong. Economics is the Science of Money. If you have the natural drive and passion to learn about money, this is the opportunity to go for it.

Almost every institute provides B.Sc in economics. The seats are competed by very meritorious students, though.

6. Statistics

Just like data science, statistics is a lucrative field of study in today’s world of trends and graphs. You can even go for the rarely used subject of Biostatistics as a graduation degree.

I know no individual who has a degree in statistics or biostatistics and is unemployed. The shortage of people pursuing this course makes the job market very friendly for graduates in the field.

Applying for B.Sc in Statistics or Biostatistics could take some research for you as there aren’t many institutions offering the course, but the course is fun and doesn’t require any entrance examination results to get into.

Skills required- Good knowledge and interest in Statistics and basic knowledge of biology (if pursuing biostatistics).

Other honourable mentions-

Marine Biology, Bachelor of Computer Applications, B.Sc in Mathematics (Hons), Biophysics, Astrophysics, ITI, Food and Nutrition, Diploma in Lab Technologies.

Online Classes


All of it is draining me. It’s hectic.

Day in and day out, my energy is wasted on trying to decipher the radio noises called e-classes which last for almost whole of the day.
The ears, the eyes, the brain– all fatigue by the time the night starts.
The heart and the tongue have been confined for so long, they’ve started questioning their existence.
These eyes have almost forgotten how it feels to see lush greenery and the sun setting behind the flowing waters.
These ears seem to be forgetting the voice of individuals sans the digital breaks which slip through the internet.
This torso longs the feeling, the warmth of another human being.

You’d probably listen to a song on the phone, or watch a rom-com, or read a book by the end of a tiring day, pre-pandemic. But today, when your whole day is basically a struggle to be a digital attendance of the virtual world, your body and soul wants to crush the devices around and for atleast an evening, feel like a natural human in midst of nature.

And while everyone is going through it, no two individuals are suffering the same. And even though the mojo is #weAreInThisTogether, in reality, all we have are just ourselves– Our part digitised bodies being fought by the natural soul of the entity that has been a part of the more important and Almighty force– The One.

And you know what the worst part is? -you can’t do anything about it.

Familiarity in Love

(picture courtesy:

“Do we really need love?”

“What?” Her eyes reflecting the orange of the setting sun, dilated.

“No, let me rephrase it–
Is it really love that we need?”

Tara’s lips curved to a smile. She admired these philosophies I uttered in the midst of silent, peaceful moments like this. She snuggled into my arm, rested her head on the shoulder and said with a slight chuckle-
“I don’t know, maybe?”

-“You know, a few days ago I was reading this article on what we actually crave in the name of love. To some, it was plainly lust, physical attraction, or crush. The author of the article, however, pointed out another thing-“


-“Familiarity. We feel love around people we feel familiarity with. We love our friends because they share similar interests. We love our partners because their behaviours are familiar to our families. And when they leave, we don’t long love, but long the familiarity they brought to the table.
Anything that isn’t familiar is alien to us. We may feel confused, enraged or curious about it but all of those feelings are distant to the happy, content feeling of love.
Around the end of the article, the author pose the question to define love, and agreed that while it’s something which has been written the most about, it’s still something which can’t be defined. Maybe, love isn’t familiarity, or lust, or physical attraction, or the butterflies in the stomach. Or maybe, it’s all of the above.”

The Conflict

It is disturbing.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has now stormed into the compounds of one of the holiest sites of three world religions- The Al-Aqsa mosque.

Stock photo- Al-Aqsa mosque, East-Jerusalem.

The pictures and videos of the raid have been disturbing as they have always been in the class between the two parties since 1946. But this time, seeing the police beat Palestinians who are praying in the mosque has been heart-aching.

What disturbs me more is the way the powers of the world have been quiet through the more than 7 decades. It’s been more than 7 decades! And people are dying in the conflict! The Uno cards seem to be more powerful than the global organisation of the same name.

Many people are pouring in their support towards the Palestinians. Many are even showing support to Israel.

The support towards Palestine is understandable. They have been removed from their homes and have, through the years, had to give up everything of theirs to the Israeli forces. They don’t have money or any legit security force to even stand in front of the highly advanced and well-equipped forces of the occupying Israelis. They deserve your support and prayers. They need it.

On the other hand, you have Israel– the State which has one of the most advanced militaries in the world with all kinds of weapons in their arsenal which are being put to use on the stone-pelting Palestinians. They have the best banking system in the world and thrive with immense businesses and power. Why would they need support from you? Or anyone?

Check the maps of the region through the years. And tell me, who is being oppressed and who needs support? (Source: MSNBC)

The history is open to read for anybody willing to. You’ll even find newspapers dating back to 1946 if you walk into a decent library. So I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m gonna talk about today.

Today, as of 12th May, 2021, 2 people have been killed in Israel by rockets launched by Hamas- the independent militant group of the Gaza strip in response to the raid at Al-Aqsa mosque. The Israeli forces launched an air raid on the Gaza strip in retaliation, and 28 Palestinians (including 8-9 kids) have died. Israel says it’s the militants who have died; The Palestine says civilians died, too.

Among the 2 people killed inside Israel, one was an Indian. And the Israeli embassy in India has talked to comfort the family of the woman in India.

The conflict is clearly an apartheid by the stronger force. The issues are that places of religious importance are being turned into battlegrounds, innocent worshippers are beaten, and the humanitarian crisis doesn’t seem to end. There is no remorse or apologies post innocent-killings of dozens and hundreds by either side. The arrogance of the Israeli Prime Minister is harsh, pathetic and disgusting.

And if you fail to see it and acknowledge it, I feel pity towards your disability to understand.

Speak and Pray for humanity.

Pray for the needy.🙏


Peace. ☘️

Stay Safe India

Stock photo

Hi readers. I haven’t been posting these days. Honestly, I am finding hard to write on a topic.

Things have been worrisome in India. If you stay here or follow the global news, you must be aware of the 400,000+ Covid cases rising everyday. And that’s just the “official data” that the government has given, the real numbers are hidden and more.

Let me give brief description of a day in India in April, 2021 if you don’t know of it:

You wake up from the sleep and check your phone to get to know more people have died in the past 24 hours due to Covid than ever.

All your social media feeds are filled with people posting about the need of beds and oxygen supplies.

The politicians and the government continue to hold mass gatherings in name of elections and rallies and whatnots– completely ignoring the misery of the thousands panicking and dying in illness.

The twitter and Facebook authorities block and censor the users posting about the need of beds, medicine and O2– all of which are being extremely overpriced by the black market.

You get a call from someone you know, asking if you know anyone who can donate plasma– or worse, that their family members/friends have died.

Twitter: 1st May, 2021

It’s extremely worrisome and hectic. It’s chaotic and cumbersome.

Yet, where lockdowns are imposed or not, people are roaming around without properly worn masks. Some even carry their little kids out, unmasked, into the crowded marketplaces to get groceries.

It worries me so much. Don’t they know what’s happening around? Don’t they read the news? Don’t they love their families?

How can you, being an adult, right-minded parent, be so irresponsible of your child?

To that, if you question them, or even if you ask them why aren’t they wearing a mask, they’ll answer this-

"Bhagwan/Allah bachane wala hai. Zindagi-maut toh usi ke haath mein hai"

Translation: “God is the savior. Life-death are only in His hands.”

I become speechless as they walk past me back into the crowd.


Answer me this: can you take the blame for murdering someone you know?

If not, then please stop this stupidity.

To whoever reading this, I beg you to use some common sense and do the right thing by following the protocols correctly. To you, your life might not be very precious, but for some, it is. And your carelessness can get many others onto deathbeds.

Mask up when you go out or stay indoors. And for the sake of whatever you love the most, DO NOT KILL OTHERS by your irresponsible attitude.

Thank you. Stay safe.


Sabr- Patience

source: stock

“Good things come to those who wait.”

The above line on patience is well known. Yet, it remains a challenge to see people imbibe it in their own lives.

The younger generations seem to have an excessive difficulty in following it, yet we are the ones who need it more than our boomer parents.

“Sabr” is an Arabic word translating literally to ‘patience’ which is much used by the desi parents to their kids.

I can go on to talk about the importance of sabr in the religious texts and traditional beliefs of the society but who’s kidding? You’re not gonna read that! So, I’ll talk about us.

We have been spoilled with the world at our tips. We all own atleast one device with internet connection and we often spend most of our hours engaging with it, and let’s face it– we don’t like to wait to get anything done.

Yet, we are the generation who has been affected by two recessions– the 2008, and the 2020. Agreed that some have made big in these times, for the majority of us, it has been a setback.

source: tenor

The two “once in a lifetime” recessions meant that a lot of us had to take another year off from taking that leap to work on our plans, another layoff, another year to wait for the university, another year before that grand marriage, another year to wait for that dream overseas vacation.

Sabr should be more important to us than to any of the older generations. It’s important to let ourselves take a breath of hope and let the things be as they are. Let the worries flow as we go through.

source: pinterest

An old friend once said something I’ll quote here:

“Asif, stop being so hard on yourself. You can only control what you can.”

And really. Tell me, can we control the times we go through? We can’t, right? So why do we stress ourselves so much– physically and mentally to turn it around in our favour?

Sometimes, it’s hard to, but we need to understand that we can only control little that is in our hands. And when things aren’t, we must just try to stick through with our daily routine towards the bigger goal and just go through the time.

And about the #fomo, you know what? 5,10,15 years down the line, it won’t matter. It’s important to work towards our goals– buying that house, or that dream car, or getting your start-up established. But remember the quote I opened this blog with:

“good things come to those who wait.”

And honestly man, if it doesn’t make you wait a bit more, is it really worth it?

source: tenor


Self care

Hello, dear readers! How have you all been? I’ve been busy with my end semester exams and assignments these days (some are still ongoing), hence I was unable to find time to blog.

In this blog, I’ll write about something that’s important but hardly talked about- self care.

Most people are of the notion that self care primarily involves being selfish. However, while certain aspects require you to stand up for yourself over entertaining others, it isn’t selfish altogether.

Why should you practice self-care?

In one sentence- “because you are worth it”.

Recall the many people, roles and responsibilities you take care of everyday– taking care of your kids, your parents, your siblings, your bills, your studies/career/job/household, your SOs, your pets, your friends, your property, and what not!

Doesn’t the care taker also require to take care of himself/herself?– Of course, yes!

Self care makes you feel good about yourself and that instills a sense of happiness in yourself. And only when you are happy with yourself, you are able to make others happy around you and take better care of them.

How to practice self-care?

This varies from person to person. If you ask me to summarise it:

Self care is, primarily, the art and responsibility of taking care of yourself and doing things that keep “you” happy.

Below listed are certain activities that you can perform to practice self-care:

  • Eat healthy or things that you love.
  • Treat yourself with a rejuvenating spa, a facial, a nice haircut, or a manicure.
  • Have an ice-cream with a brownie.
  • Watch your favourite movie/tv show in peace.
  • Pray/meditate/excercise/do yoga– alone or with the community.
  • Call your bestfriend/loved ones and talk about random things. You may visit them, too!
  • Pop some bubble-wraps.
  • Get a power nap.

Remember- it just needs to be something that makes you happy. And shouldn’t take much of thinking.

Just give yourself a break, and chill for a moment.


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