Careers to Explore post High school

Hello there! If you are a student who has just passed/ shall pass high school soon, and haven’t yet decided on what to do next, this blog might help you. After school is the time when you are exposed to the world and like everyone else, you are supposed to catch the career and universityContinue reading “Careers to Explore post High school”

Career Opportunities for Arts & Humanities Students

The students taking up arts and humanities are often looked down upon as they are considered to be the ones with little to no interest in education. However, there still are careers to choose for students passing out of high school with Arts and Humanities. Below listed are certain career options that a student withContinue reading “Career Opportunities for Arts & Humanities Students”

Career Opportunities for Commerce Students

You’ve heard all your school life that science is better than commerce and that better career opportunities lie in science. You know what? You can have a laugh at them. Commerce students can apply to the biggest money driving markets of the world- the money market, the banking sector, the e-commerce, the management, the sales,Continue reading “Career Opportunities for Commerce Students”

Career opportunities for Science Students

If you are an Asian, you are probably grass fed to take up science in the school and work on to be an Engineer or Doctor. And you probably don’t know of other options besides the two. Listed below are some great career choices for students with Science background– 1. Data science and Analysis ThisContinue reading “Career opportunities for Science Students”

Online Classes

All of it is draining me. It’s hectic. Day in and day out, my energy is wasted on trying to decipher the radio noises called e-classes which last for almost whole of the day.The ears, the eyes, the brain– all fatigue by the time the night starts.The heart and the tongue have been confined forContinue reading “Online Classes”

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